Highlights 2017

Regulators & Industry Leaders Insights: Building Sophisticated Regulatory Frameworks and Strengthening Supervision to Ensure Success in the African Insurance Industry

Market Growth Catalysts: Which Business Lines Will Drive the Industry Forward? Which Countries Offer the Most Exciting Growth Potential and How Best Can This be Tapped?

Achieving Par with more Advanced Insurance Markets: Assessing New International Insurance Trends, Product Development & Underwriting Trends and Needs in Africa, and Their Impact on African Insurance Markets

Industry Representation: From 18+ African Countries Over 75% Industry Representatives Including Speakers from the Headquarters of the Top 15 African Insurance Operators

CEO Power Debate: Overcoming Intensifying Competitive Pressures and Capturing Profitable Growth, Better Aligning the Interests of Insurers and Reinsurers in Africa

Outstanding Networking Opportunity: Interact with Peers and Leading Industry Experts There You Could Share and Learn More Innovative Ideas and Strategies for Long-Term Growth and Success